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Rise and shine, Atlanta! We’re catching up with you all to start this Saturday, February 19 on an enlightened note. Here’s everything you need to know in Atlanta today.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Sunny; windy in the afternoon. High: 60 Low: 34.

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Here are the top 5 stories in Atlanta today:

  • At the Atlanta Humane Society, age is nothing but a number, and Trinity knows it! Trinity is a low-energy woman looking for a house with a comfy couch and lots of tennis balls! Sure, she has a bit of arthritis, but that doesn’t stop her from taking short leisurely walks. She may be 9 years old, but Trinity still has SO much love to give. We can’t wait to see her find a family of her own. Trinity qualifies for our Foster First program, which means you can bring her home for 14 days before adoption (although we think you’ll love her instantly)! To find out how you can meet Trinity, visit: https://atlantahumane.org/adopt/dogs/pet-details-dogs/… (Facebook)
  • At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, as in life, it is not if the flowers are in bloom, but where. This is “stardust” now blooming in the flowerbed near Alston Overlook. (Facebook)
  • If basketball is your teen’s favorite sport and he loves to dribble on the court, enroll him in the FREE City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation’s Spring Break Basketball Tournament. Registration closes March 25. (Facebook)
  • Atlanta’s BeltLine is recruits 3 interns (project assistants) for our new development internship program. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable access and experience within one of the most transformative economic development projects in the country. If you are interested in economic development, real estate, affordable housing and/or urban planning and redevelopment, this opportunity could be for you! Visit the link in our bio for more details on the program. Interested candidates should submit a CV AND cover letter by March 4, 2022. (Facebook)
  • The Atlanta History Center reminds us that in 1946, after the Supreme Court ruled against voter discrimination by banning white primaries – elections in which only white voters were allowed to participate – more than 20,000 African Americans in the city of Atlanta turned out registered to vote. Later, following the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965, black voter registration and voter turnout in Georgia grew exponentially. In 1965 in Georgia, black voter registration hovered at 27.4 percent; in 1988, this number rose to 56.8%. (White voter registration increased only 1.3% over the same period.) (Facebook)

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