7 Nollywood screenwriters we want more of in 2022

Half of Nigeria’s top podcast, Jola Ayeye, is more than her mind on I Said What I Said. Besides being a founding member of Feminist.co, she is a screenwriter who has shown us that her talents go beyond making us laugh via her podcast and inspiring Nigerian women. Some of his works include Inspector K (2020) and Smart Money Woman (2021), both of which are great shows. She is a writer Nollywood must see more of in her feature films this year.

Lani Aisida is a name that keeps coming up in the Nollywood web series industry and once you see this name in the credits, you know you are in for a treat. Over the past few years, he has worked on several projects that have solidified his success as a screenwriter. Since he’s a web series hitmaker, many of us want more of his work on bigger platforms this year.

Project Accelerate filmmaker runner-up Ozioma Ogbaji is a name that has flourished in the industry over the past three years. Since 2018, Ozioma has written three successful films including Kambili: The whole 30 yards (2020), Aki and Paw Paw (2021) and Fate of Alakada (2020). Kambili was a great “feel good” movie that the industry definitely needs more of this year.

If you’ve watched This Lady Called Life, you can attest to the film’s tenderness and brilliance. Part of the film’s beauty can be attributed to the writer, Toluwani Obayan. Although not such a popular name today, it is clear that she has the talent and skills that will give her the accolades she deserves. She is one of the writers in the industry and her fans want to see more of her this year.

UrbaGidi’s founder and creative director, popularly known as Sir Wande Thomas, is also the screenwriter responsible for writing some of the production company’s content. From his season-long web series, Lara of Lagos (2020) and a short film Napped (2021), both of which were excellent watches, it’s clear that he creates unique content whose industry needs more this year.

Popular for her versatility in the media space as a presenter, MC and host, Tamara is also a screenwriter. Over the past few years, she has worked on projects that have helped her carve out a place for herself in the screenwriting industry. Since many of her projects are TV or web series, it’s obvious she’s got what it takes. Some of his works include; Inspector K (2018/2020), On the True (2017), Money.Men.Marriage (2017)

Adaora Udeh is an aspiring screenwriter who needs more recognition in 2022. Her 2020 film Blue won Best Nigerian Film at the Eastern Nigeria International Film Festival. She also has another film, Baby Make, written and performed by herself, which is slated for release later this year. Based on the trailer and synopsis, it’s worth the wait.

Nollywood filmmakers are taking the industry by storm this year with the influx of long-awaited movie releases. We hope to see more work from these writers and the hundred other talented writers in the industry this year.