Best MCU Writers, Ranked

There’s an abundance of amazing screenwriters who have been involved in many mcu projects. Working on something so popular and successful surely encourages writers to exceed their expectations, as well as those of the audience they must satisfy. One can only imagine how nerve-wracking but also exciting it must be to get the call from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to write such a grand film from scratch and make it work. This is especially true with how every story that runs through the MCU must connect – it’s arguably a coveted collaborative and creative experience for many in the industry.

Now that the MCU has made its foray into superhero TV shows on Disney+, MCU writers have effectively branched out into TV media, which is a completely different form of screenwriting than film. Writers like Wanda Visionby Jac Schaeffer, of course, managed to deliver incredible stories on the small screen and, in some cases, even earned nominations for prestigious industry awards. Since that’s no small feat, here’s our list of the best MCU screenwriters.


seven Jacques Schaeffer

Inspired by filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez at a young age, Jacques Schaeffer naturally turned towards the film industry. Although she is best known for her first feature film Timer, the filmmaker has participated in several MCU projects. She helped co-write Captain Marvel with three other screenwriters and wrote the original story for Black Widow before being replaced by two other male colleagues. His greatest achievement in the MCU, of course, was his work as the head writer for the Disney+ miniseries. Wanda Vision. She managed to perfectly capture what it was like to be sisters in Black Widow, as well as the experience of mourning Wanda Vision. Considering the success of her projects, we are happy to hear that she has signed a three-year contract with Marvel Studios.

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6 Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna

American screenwriters Erik Sommer and Chris McKenna both began their careers in the early 2000s. McKenna is responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed Community episodes, and he met Sommers while working together on the adult animated sitcom american dad. They later became writing partners and co-wrote major hits together such as The Lego Batman Movie and Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. It was in 2017 that they started working in the MCU on Tom Holland’s Spider Man trilogy, and also co-wrote the Ant-Man and the Wasp. There’s not much to say considering the way they wrote No coming home: such a great show that worked in all the right ways despite the abundance of ground that needed to be covered. They also managed to handle the high school experience so well. Both hope to return for more Spider Man projects in the future, as indicated in their interview with Fandom Wire.

5 Ryan Coogler

Where to start Ryan Coogler? Director, producer and screenwriter, the filmmaker has not ceased to be acclaimed by critics for his projects. His work particularly focuses on the underrepresented culture of African Americans, and he frequently collaborates with the incredible Michael B. Jordan. Before assuming Black Pantherhe co-wrote the seventh film of the Rocky series Creed. As for Black Panther, it broke numerous records and became the highest-grossing film of all time created by a black filmmaker. We can probably expect the same level of excellence with the next wakanda forever, given how heart wrenching and jaw dropping trailer is. Giving us both an incredibly progressive script and beautiful visuals, we can’t wait for Coogler to continue his mastery.

4 james gunn

james gunn began his career in the mid-90s. Like Coogler, Gun does it all: directs, writes, produces and acts. He made his name with horror comedy Slide and the superhero show Great. It was only then that he began to work on MCU films, in particular, the guardians of the galaxy franchise. He worked on all three volumes, and given the humor and chemistry between the characters, we’re sure we won’t be disappointed with the final third volume to come. If you ever doubt his abilities as a filmmaker, remember that he made us love and adore a tree! Outside of the MCU, people appreciate how he managed to make Harley Quinn sexy in suicide squad, but did not sexualize her. Gunn has already teased a longer, more emotional Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3and we can’t wait.

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3 Christophe Yost

Christophe Yost written for film, television, animation, and even comics. In the MCU, he is best known for his work on Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. He was also the head writer for Marvel Animation’s The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and worked on The Mandalorian for Lucasfilm and Disney+. Although The dark world received backlash for the poor worldbuilding, Yost made up for it with his excellence in crafting the script and story for Ragnarok. Not only is the film a favorite of many people due to the humor, action sequences, and well-built relationships between the characters, but it also managed to prove itself as a treasured blockbuster.

2 Nicole Perlman

Nicole Perlman was enrolled in a screenwriting program in 2009 and it’s exactly the place that gave her the knowledge and inspiration to be where she is today. The screenwriter is best known for her MCU projects guardians of the galaxy and the creation of history for Captain Marvel. Even before the release of his film Detective Pikachu in 2019 people had high hopes for her story only because they knew the same woman wrote the first Guardians MCU movie. Despite the backlash he received, Captain Marvel also deserves more appreciation for the incredible screenplay co-written by Perlman.

1 Destin Daniel Cretton

Finally, born in Hawaii, Destin Daniel Cretton is an American filmmaker who found his career making short films as a hobby. The hobby has really paid off considering how his career has evolved over the years. He was first known for his films Short term 12 (2013), The glass castle (2017), and just mercy (2019) before agreeing to direct and write the commercially successful MCU Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As a half-Japanese himself, Cretton agreed to work on Shang Chi to give his son a superhero he can look up to. It definitely managed to do it because it was the first MCU movie that had an Asian superhero as the lead actor. He also worked really hard to make the movie perfect and not have too much coming out before it was released. The next Avengers: Kang Dynasty landed him as a director, and we can’t wait to see what he has to offer.