‘Deadpool’ Screenwriters Promise Disney Won’t Sweeten Up Their Next Movie

“Deadpool” fans who feared the Walt Disney Co. SAY would dilute their beloved franchise into an advanced state of family-friendliness can relax, as the writers behind the series insist the slam-bang action would retain its R-rated mojo.

What happened: 2016’s “Deadpool” and its 2018 sequel “Deadpool 2” were 20th century fox productions based on the Marvel Comics series, but the franchise was put on hold following Disney’s 2019 acquisition of the 21st century fox assets.

In an interview with The reading listscreenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick announced that the series was being revived and would retain the style and substance that earned the first two films an R rating.

“They’re not going to play with the tone,” Reese said. “I mean, I would never say never, I guess there’s an outside chance, but we were always told it could be R-[rated]and we proceed as if it were R. We would like it to be R, we always have, so I don’t think that will change.

What else happened: Disney originally announced plans for “Deadpool 3” in October 2020 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In March, the studio announced Shawn Levy would lead, and Ryan Reynolds would revive his Merc with a Mouth character.

But the studio also replaced Reese and Wernick as screenwriters with Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin of “Bob’s Burgers” fame. Reese gave no details on why he and Wernick were initially passed over and why they were held back late.

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“Yes, it happened,” he said. “And look, it went like that, but we’re thrilled to be back, that’s the result. We just couldn’t be happier where we are right now in the mad scientist lab creating some fun stuff and hopefully making a movie for you soon.

Wernick added that he and Reese were not softening the language of their new script to erase the F-bombs that would keep it out of the PG rating range.

“It’s on the title page – ‘Dead F***ing Pool,'” Wernick laughed.

No production schedule or release date has been set for “Deadpool 3”.

Photo: Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool”, Courtesy of Disney/20th Century Studios