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Screenwriters Kaz and Ryan Firpo discovered that Gilgamesh (Don Lee) was originally intended to be Kingo’s (Kumail Nanjiani) valet in Marvel Studios’ Eternals, and not the exceptionally well-known new person Karun (Harish Patel). The Eternals hit theaters recently, being the 26th stint in the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is truly the lowest rated MCU movie so far, but its lowest expert score doesn’t coordinate with its very high crowd score. It opened to $ 162 million globally at the end of opening week, helping Marvel Studios toughen up as one of the best performing studios during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, writers Kaz and Ryan Firpo have discussed Eternals’ writing system and Kingo’s valet personality. In an interview with THR, the Firpos found out that they had very different conceptions for Gilgamesh and Karun. These original thoughts may have changed some of the characters’ stories and their work in the plot. Watch their full remarks below:

Kaz Firpo: Give Patrick Burleigh Huge Credit [the screenwriter who came in after the Firpos] for that. We had an adaptation of it, and Patrick became a gangbuster with it. It’s another human proxy that you really want on the excursion. This [character] was someone we played with as the director of each of his films. Sometimes in the distant past Gilgamesh [Don Lee] spent time with Kingo. They were working together. So there was a comparative dynamic.

Ryan Firpo: When we had 12 characters, Gilgamash wasn’t paired with Thena. He was Kingos’ servant, so he was basically that person, but as Gilgamesh.

Karun’s part in the plot is imperative for Eternals as well. If it has no immediate effect on the group’s goals, it brings a degree of humanity. Pack Harington’s Dane Whitman gives a hint of this as well, showing just how imperative human characters are to the story of the Eternals. The film vigorously investigates the possibility of divine beings living among people, and Karun’s work answers this need incredibly.

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