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Welfare college in Nizamabad hones students’ skills as part of ‘School for Emerging Writers’

Welfare college in Nizamabad hones students’ skills as part of ‘School for Emerging Writers’

In a busy digital world, where people have very little time to read and write and mostly browse the internet, here is something welcome.

The Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College for Women (TSWRDCW) in Nizamabad trains students as writers under the “10 AM Project”.

The project allows students to explore whatever interests them. However, the underlying mission is to engage students in reading and writing (in areas of their choice and interest) at every phase of their learning through personalized course materials, book scholarships , internship projects and one-on-one interactive sessions with subject matter experts. .

Students’ recorded results, whether in the form of writing, art, or product, are carried over to a professional platform where they begin to establish themselves as competitive participants in the real world, which will increase possibly their artistic and entrepreneurial skills.

As part of the School for Emerging Writers Literary Initiatives, TSWRDCW encourages students to express themselves in art and writing. Many of them have perfected their original work, and their fervent dedication to writing has helped them write outstanding books over the past year.

At Sada Panga’s Anaganaga Oka Bhavam is the very first book of poetry ever published. The work offers a trajectory for many young thinkers who wish to be heard and seen.

Sathvika Dyagali Neeli Swapnaalu is an interesting compilation of art and poetry. Each poem in the book has a painting, presenting readers’ eyes with a refreshing thought perspective.

At Nandini Kokkera Neetho Zara Maatlaadala engages readers through the ups and downs of a teenager’s heart. The poet’s frank spirit resonates loudest in the daily Telangana dialect.

Praasa Pichukalu, an illustrated work of Haiku poetry, is a contemporary and deeply uplifting fusion of poetry and art.

The stunning illustrations in the work are conceptualized by the poet herself as she attempts to reimagine the Haiku verse in a visual universe, re-creating the phrase. The book presents more than 50 sketches, conceptualized by the poet and improvised by the artist.

The book earns its eminence because it sensitizes readers to the many aspects of human life. The poetry is composed in the classical Aataveladi style which requires great skill in composing the precise rhyme scheme, rhythm and style. It is a collaborative work of Akhila Ganganolla and Supraja Narra.

Detective Madhuri is a compilation of crime news presented with stunning graphics.

“We encourage students to express themselves in whatever form they choose. So far, seven books have been written by students and all of them have been published,” said School for Emerging Writers coordinator and English teacher K. Sandhya Deepti. The Hindu.