Film Producers, Screenwriters, Directors and NAFTI Graduates Failed in Kumawood – Bill Asamoah

Actor, Bill Asamoah, believes that Kumawood’s development would have been exponential if there had been filmmakers and other professionals offering help to people in the industry.

According to him, when production started in Kumawood, the industry was densely populated by businessmen who only wanted to make money from the fledgling industry, therefore, they did not employ screenwriters, professional directors or actors to ensure they were producing quality content.

He told George Quaye on Showbiz AZ that the investors would put together what they considered a script and that the actors did their best to bring the content of the script to life.

The actor explained that at the time, the products of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), producers, directors, screenwriters, screenwriters and other trained professionals only sat in Accra and despised the fledgling industry in Kumasi.

Bill Asamoah noted that they only complained about the flaws of Kumawood films – from the quality of the films to the days used to shoot them among other things – but they never offered their expertise.

He said that because of this, Kumawood to this day is lacking in many ways, adding that most directors and screenwriters don’t know much about the craft.

Bill Asamoah explained that many Kumawood actors and filmmakers look to these professionals for insight into how to develop Kumawood.

He believes, however, that it is not too late for some of these experts to invest again in Kumawood.

Bill Asamoah said he once asked former Tourism and Arts Minister Catherin Afeku to facilitate the establishment of a performing arts faculty at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and/or from an accredited institution affiliated with NAFTI in Kumasi.

He explained that actors, directors and producers who have learned on the job can acquire the technical know-how from these schools while others interested in cinema in the region would have easy access to schools that could help them acquire knowledge and techniques.