Inevitable Foundation Launches Grants for Screenwriters with Disabilities – Deadline

The Inevitable Foundation has launched Elevate Collective, a tiered program created to support the careers of screenwriters with disabilities at the mid-to-high level.

Program includes Elevate Collective Awards, $5,000 professional development grants for writers with disabilities to invest in career coaching, professional development, script consulting, work-from-home setups and property acquisition intellectual. It also provides community development and professional networking opportunities for members and ongoing support from the Inevitable Foundation team.

People with disabilities represent more than 20% of the population, but represent less than 1% of writers behind the screen. The foundation focuses on increasing opportunities for creatives with disabilities by helping to break down barriers that prevent them from unleashing their full potential.

The Elevate Collective will support dozens of screenwriters with disabilities each year, and the Inevitable Foundation plans to award grants on a quarterly basis. Applications are now open via the foundation website.

“We are excited to launch Elevate Collective and provide mid-level and senior screenwriters with disabilities with targeted support, education, connections and financial resources to enhance their careers. We built Elevate Collective based on a year and a half of learnings from running our scholarship program. Elevate Collective is the latest addition to the ecosystem we’re building to empower writers with disabilities, which also includes our concierge service for creative executives and showrunners, the Disability is Diversity campaign, and our screenwriting grant. Inevitable Foundation co-founders Richie Siegel and Marisa Torelli-Pedevska said in a joint statement.

Additionally, the foundation is also announcing two other collective Elevate Awards in partnership with Caring Across Generations and Humanitas.

The Inevitable Foundation x Caring Across Generations Care Award provides a professional development grant of $5,000 for ongoing development and script consulting services with the Caring Across Generations team. The Inevitable Foundation x Humanitas Alumni Award recipient is offering a $5,000 professional development grant for access to virtual and in-person Humanitas events and workshops, as well as tickets to the 2023 Humanitas Awards.