Jamie Foxx-Led ‘Spawn’ Calls on ‘Joker’ and ‘Captain America 4’ Screenwriters

Fyears has received a crucial update on the highly anticipated Spawn restart with Jamie Foxx.

According to Hollywood journalistthree new writers were tapped to write the script based on the Todd McFarlane created comic. Additions are Marvel’s Malcolm Spellman The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the next Captain America: New World Order, Scott Silver (DC Joker, 8 miles, The fighter-who all three won Oscars), and newcomer Matt Mixon, who wrote and directed the 2016 documentary Yesterday was all.

McFarlane confirmed the news to THR Wednesday, and suggested he could no longer pursue the directorial role he envisioned.

“If we have a top actor, top producers, top screenwriters, then do you want to shoot for top directors, top filmmakers?” McFarlane explained. “The answer is, ‘Of course.’ Let’s continue our momentum.”

Although plot details have not been revealed, Spellman said he always enjoyed the Spawn comics and is committed to championing McFarlane’s vision.

“I grew up in Berkeley, which is a comic book town. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character has always been one of my favorites – a black superhero who wasn’t bullshit, he was cool and dealt with modern issues,” said Spellman – who also produced and wrote for Empire and Bel Air-in a report. “I, Matt Mixon and Scott Silver are committed to honoring what Todd started and what Spawn is at its core, delivering something relevant and edgy and unlike any other superhero movie.

The announcement was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but ultimately deferredMcFarlane explaining that this was due to a temporary bump in the approval process.

“When you’re dealing with a team of people, you have a lot of endorsements at every level and something popped up,” he said during an interview with New York’s Q 104.3 on Wednesday. “It was like, ‘Oh, we have to do this 24 hours a day.’ It wouldn’t have been my choice.

The reboot was announced five years ago with Foxx attached to play the titular character. On Wednesday, McFarlane confirmed the Oscar-winning actor is still playing the role.

“Jamie Foxx has been with her the whole time. … He’s always on board, didn’t hesitate or anything,” McFarlane said, as seen in the clip above. kinda hardcore with it.”

But the same cannot be said for Jeremy Renner, who joined Spawn in 2018. According to THR, it’s unclear if the Marvel actor will remain on the project, as the new storyline could upend production plans. The outlet reports that the original project “was for a low-budget feature, but the new Spawn can get a slightly higher budget.

Brian Tucker (city ​​destroyed) had signed to write the Spawn storyline in 2021. Details surrounding his departure were not revealed. Spawn was already brought to the big screen in 1997 with the Michael Jai White-directed adaptation from director Mark AZ Dippé. McFarlane said he and his Spawn The team is now looking for a partner studio.

Also in Foxx-related news, Kanye West asked his fans today who should play him in a biopic, to suggest his former collaborator and calling him “one of the greatest geniuses”.