Marvel Studios Announces Fantastic Four Writers

Kevin Feige at D23 Expo 2022

Photo: marvel studios

The highly anticipated debut of Marvel’s First Family in the mcu doesn’t leave with important news to D23 Expo 2022—however, Deadline reports this The Fantastic Four once had scribes at work on a script. Writers Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer has been officially announced as the Marvel Studios Writers Choice on the Phaste 6-franchise launch.

Matt Shankman (Wanda Vision), who was at D23 Expo as an audience member when Kevin Feige pointed it out to just confirm it as the movie director (and point out that we get nothing The Fantastic Four casting news)apparently boarded after Kaplan and Springer. The Deadline article detailed, “Insiders add that the writing duo have actually been involved with the film for quite some time, even before Shakman was signed on as director, and described where this upcoming series of films are headed. will integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Marvel Studios. President Kevin Feige. Kaplan, Springer and Shakman will now come together to align their visions for this project before Kaplan and Springer embark on writing the screenplay.

The writing duo has already sold a number of specifications and have already been tapped for the upcoming Warner Bros. comedy. disaster marriage, realized by Palm Springs‘ Max Barbakow and produced by the precedents The Fantastic Four director Jon Watts. As for later announcements, Feige specifically pointed out that there’s a whole other D23 expo (as well as Comic-Cons) by Phase 6.

Fantastic Four Logo

Screenshot: marvel studios

The Fantastic Four is due out in November 2024.

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