NM Film Office and Stowe Story Labs Collaborate on Screenwriters Program

Stowe Story Labs has partnered with the New Mexico Film Office for a screenwriting program. (Courtesy of Stowe Story Labs)

The New Mexico Film Office and Stowe Story Labs are teaming up to write the next chapter in the film industry.

The duo is collaborating on a training program for emerging New Mexican screenwriters.

The program will be presented in three parts over a six-month period by Stowe Story Labs founder and director David Rocchio.

“Stowe Story Labs prepares and equips the best emerging writers, filmmakers and creative producers with everything needed to develop a diverse story as well as the skills to pitch, package, finance and distribute their work,” said Alicia J. Keyes. , Secretary of the New Mexico Economic Development Cabinet. “New Mexico State funding for this training program will provide a unique opportunity for filmmakers over the New Mexico line.”

Rocchio designed the program to help emerging screenwriters develop the fundamental skills needed to write screenplays for feature films or television.

It will begin in May and will include a three-day immersive narrative lab, a four-month virtual writing program, and a four-day capstone retreat.

“For many emerging talents, having access to development programs and just having the ability to spread their wings and do the hard work to advance skills and projects is next to impossible,” Rocchio said. “We’re thrilled to provide this opportunity to talented New Mexicans who might otherwise never see such opportunities, and through the work of perhaps bending the world a bit through history.”

The first part is an in-person narrative lab that focuses on story structure and character. It will be held in Taos from May 13 to 15.

Part Two is a long-running virtual writing program run by Stowe co-founder David Pope.

The third part is a four-day writers’ retreat scheduled for November 5-8 and hosted by Rocchio.

The program will be limited to ten emerging writers. Entrants will be selected through a competitive application process and must be current New Mexico residents or New Mexican students studying out of state.

Participants are responsible for the $10 registration fee and their own travel expenses to Taos; however, instruction, mentoring, meals, and lodging will be provided with funding from the New Mexico Film Office.

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, April 6. Applications are available at https://bit.ly/3499hRr.

“The New Mexico Film Office is committed to supporting accessible, industry-standard training programs that develop a range of skills applicable to our growing film and television industry,” said Amber Dodson, director of the New Mexico Film Office. “We are thrilled to partner with the prestigious Stowe Story Labs to launch this intensive, bespoke screenwriting program, offering new Mexicans the opportunity to advance their abilities and providing a platform for new and diverse voices and untold stories emerge through scenarios.