No Way Home Writers Considered Different Spider-Man Intro

A different introductory scene has been set for Spider-Men’s return in Spider-Man: No Path Home, no later than fall 2020, when the film went into production. But the writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna told Variety that they decided to change it because it was basically “deus ex machina”.

Alternate introduction reportedly involved mysterious Marvel character – Sommers and McKenna declined to identify who – announcing that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man versions would help Tom holland‘s Spidey on his mission. McKenna said:

“We have changed history so much. We had already been in production for two months. And now we had to take another shot at act three, which we didn’t have time to do because we were shooting act one and act two.

Spider-Man: No Path Home brings together three different eras in the Marvel superhero’s cinematic journey – during the writing process, Maguire’s version was called “Raimi-verse Spider-Man” and Garfield’s version was called “Webb-verse Spider-Man” . For clarity, Holland’s version was simply called “Peter”. The actor has played the character since 2016 Captain America: Civil War, which introduced Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to a deal made by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.



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Sommers and McKenna said “nothing was guaranteed” about Garfield and Maguire signing No way home, but that they would receive periodic updates on the situation. The writers retreated over the Christmas break and decided to jump into the crucial opening scene again; they knew they couldn’t mess it up. It was around this time that they found what audiences finally saw in the final film: Jacob BattalionNed Leeds accidentally opens a portal to another dimension and summons the alt-Spider-Men in a humorous yet heartfelt moment with Zendaya‘s MJ. McKenna added:

“It was a beam of light in the dark. It was such a gift, especially at this point in the writing process, to write for these two characters. It was the darkest part of the year, the darkest part of the production, the darkest part of the development of the story, and it was like, Oh! Now we have Tobey and Andrew.

No way home is Spider-Man’s third solo film in Holland, following the success Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. President of Marvel Studios Kevin feige recently confirmed to the New York Times that plans for more films are underway. That would make Holland the first actor to play the Marvel superhero in more than three independent films.

Spider-Man: No Path Home plays in theaters.

The writers of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” had to make changes to the script due to the delay in the programming of “Doctor Strange 2”

Stephen Strange’s role in the movie Spidey was almost very different.

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