Observance, history and interesting facts

National Screenwriters Day is celebrated on January 5 in recognition of screenwriters who work day and night to bring us the best stories, the ultimate zingers and the sublime messages that guide our consciousness.

The writers capture the imagination of society. The shows and movies we enjoy would be nothing without the pen of a dedicated writer. Let’s pay tribute to the great screenwriters among us and make a commitment to honor them.

How to observe National Screenwriters Day:

Head over to NationalScreenwritersDay.com for the latest updates and to see interviews from top screenwriters on their mysterious calling. You should also research the origins of your favorite movie. Who is the screenwriter?

You can also:

  • Encourage a screenwriter you know.
  • Work on your script.
  • Take a screenwriting course to boost your career.

History of National Screenwriters Day:

ScreenwritingU.com, the leading source of education for screenwriters around the world, founded National Screenwriters Day. Its goal is to recognize the talents behind screenplays from the world of television and cinema.

Interesting facts about National Screenwriters Day:

Here are some facts about screenwriters to make your day more interesting!

  • William Broyles Jr.’s writer for Cast Away washed up on a secluded beach, as part of his research for the film
  • Ben Affleck interrupted his studies after his teacher mocked his first draft of the Good Will Hunting screenplay
  • Half of writers earn no income for their writing each year
  • For a screenwriter, drama is one of the tough genres to sell because it’s not based on pitch but on execution.
  • A screenplay can take up to one or two years depending on the writing and rewriting
  • The famous American author and screenwriter sought to learn screenwriting after winning two Oscars for his work Godfather. The first chapter of the book on screenwriting asked its readers to study The Godfather I.