Paris ISD Scriptwriters Win Big in Texas Future Problem Solving Program || Sponsored by Quality Care ER

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Students from ISD Paris recently submitted their scripts to the Future Problem Solving Program. Scenario writing is a component of the international future problem solving curriculum. Students write futuristic short stories based on the year’s topics and set at least twenty years in the future. The story is based on a current challenge and a proposed solution that is extrapolated twenty or more years into the future and has caused unforeseen challenges for this new environment. The story is then based on these new challenges. The top three placement stories in each division are submitted for international competition. This year’s topics were neurotechnology, water supply, green building, insects and mining.

In the senior division, Paris high school student Davis Green placed first and will represent Texas in international competition with Grace Moore, who placed third. PHS student Sophia Hamer placed fifth, and students Hana Syed and Anna Lehenbauer received honorable mention. PHS students are coached by Sandra Strom

In the middle division, Akshay Bacharanianda, a high school student from Paris, ranked first and will represent Texas at the International Competition. Other PJH students who placed were Hannah Cunningham in fifth place and Caroline Gillem with honorable mention. PJH students are coached by Eva Dickey.

All students will attend the Texas Future Problem Solving Bowl in Waco April 8-10 to receive their awards. Additionally, Green, Moore and Bacharanianda will represent Texas in international competition later this summer.

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