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LOS ANGELES, CA- In the mind of a child, a new story always bubbles. However, there are many hurdles that can prevent aspiring and aspiring screenwriters from seeing their stories hit the big screen. Many young screenwriters lack proper story development skills, and as a result, they struggle to flesh out their stories in a way that will resonate with an audience. In a traditionally competitive field, these are the kinds of lessons kids need to learn as early as possible if they hope to have successful careers as professional screenwriters. Luckily, Debbie Wright, the founder of Screenwriter Kids, helps kids get a head start on their journey with her exclusive one-on-one screenwriting coaching services.

Former script reader for Disney Studios, screenwriter for ABC Family TV show Lincoln Heightsand the 2007 recipient of the prestigious $50,000 Disney Writing Fellowship, Debbie is the perfect coach for any child looking to pursue their dream of being a screenwriter.

She also holds a master’s degree in creative writing from Antioch University and is currently working on her next young adult novel, as well as other projects.

Now, through its 90-day Create Awesome Screenplays program, kids ages 12-17 have access to a safe space where they can find their voice and hone their story-development skills. As they are exposed to relevant topics, including philosophy and psychology, they gain a better understanding of how to develop their characters and stories that form emotional connections with their audience. Throughout the program, children constantly receive one-on-one coaching and personalized feedback from Debbie on all of their writing assignments.

At the end of the 12-week course, each student is able to produce a professional-level script for a short film (approximately 5-10 minutes) and film it via smartphone.

Additionally, Debbie helps her students enter screenwriting contests so they can benefit from extra feedback and get a taste of what life as a professional screenwriter will be like.

Fulfilling the role of not only a writing coach but also a mentor and cheerleader, Debbie inspires students to discover their natural talents and abilities, work hard to improve their skills, and spread the positivity in a world that needs it. Lifelong bonds are formed during Debbie’s program, and many students stay in touch with Debbie as they grow and progress in their screenwriting, directing and acting careers.

For more on Debbie and Screenwriting Kids, visit her website. To sign up for his 90-day Create Awesome Screenplays program, click here. For a 30-minute Screenwriting Kids information call, book here.

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