Screenwriters chosen for the Stories From Another Australia initiative

From left to right: Angeline Armstrong, Meegan May, Vee Shi, Aranyan Thangaratnam, Lauren Anderson, Beth Knights, Diane Vu, David Koutsouridis

NSW production company Co-Curious today announced eight early-career screenwriters selected for the Victorian iteration of its Stories From Another Australia programme.

Screenwriters will have the opportunity to delve deeply into collaborative practice under the tutelage of a screenwriter and alumnus

Clare Atkins, ABC’s director of development, will lead the program under the mentorship of writer Blake Ayshford (Mystery Route: Origin), to create an original concept for a television series.

Victorian screenwriters include:

• Angeline Rachel Tinio Armstrong
• Meegan May
•Lauren Anderson
• Vee Shi
• David Koutsouridis
• Diane Vu
• Beth Knights
• Aranyan Thangaratnam

Co-Curious CEO Annabel Davis said: “Welcoming these talented writers to the Co-Curious network is hugely exciting as the company embarks on its new chapter of the Stories From Another Australia program in Victoria. The program will create a network of support and collaborators for participants and Co-Curious’ holistic approach will serve as the foundation for participants to establish and maintain a career in the industry. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the labs and have no doubt that we’ll see the names of these writers on our TV screens before too long.

Co-Curious Story producer Clare Atkins said: “As we discussed the program with the writers, production companies and program partner VicScreen, it became clear that there was a gap in the industry for support for early and mid-career writers. Many contestants had extensive note-taking experience and were working on their projects such as filming short films or writing pilots, but had yet to secure TV credit. Through their involvement in this unique program, Co-Curious hopes to help these talented writers take the next steps in their careers.

VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher said, “Victoria is home to an exceptional talent pool brimming with enormous potential. As Victoria’s screen creative and economic development agency, VicScreen is committed to giving future generations the opportunities and resources they need to develop successful screen careers. We are thrilled to partner with Co-Curious on this meaningful initiative and look forward to seeing the results of the program. Congratulations to the eight selected participants, we look forward to following your careers.

Run by Co-Curious and supported by the Ian Potter Foundation, Screenrights Cultural Fund and VicScreen, and with the help of Cinespace, the innovative program has been created to accelerate the careers of writers from diverse cultures and languages ​​and from other underrepresented backgrounds and bring new voices and untold stories to the screen business, connecting exciting screenwriters with some of the most experienced creative talent in the industry.

The eight writers have been split into two workshops based on their interests and will work together using Co-Curious’ unique development model to collaboratively create an original concept for an in-room TV series. Each group of workshops will be facilitated by Co-Curious and supported by an experienced writer-mentor, Penelope Chai and Magda Wozniak joining the program. Attendees will learn story engines, series arcs, characters, and writers room basics and come away with the skills to take the next steps in their careers in the television industry. In addition to the workshops, attendees will also benefit from professional development, networking opportunities and mentoring sessions.

SFAA Victoria is the next chapter of SFAA NSW, which Co-Curious launched earlier in 2022. The six writers who were selected in the NSW chapter continue to work, with support from Co-Curious, on a range of individual projects and exciting groups that emerged from the initial program.