Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Writers Reveal Plans for Shadow

At the end of sonic the hedgehog 2, viewers got a brief look at Shadow the Hedgehog, a major villain who made his debut on Sega’s Dreamcast console. Although this mid-credit appearance clearly paves the way for sonic the hedgehog 3, writers Patrick Casey and Josh Miller repeated it recently during a Q&A held at Comic-Con at Klamath Community College. As sonic the hedgehog 2 drew story elements from the game Sega Genesis Sonic 3 and Knucklesthe upcoming film will feature elements from other popular Sonic video games.

“The fact that Shadow is clearly going to be part of the franchise going forward, I don’t think it says anything to say that we would like to incorporate elements of Sonic Adventure 2 and shadow the hedgehogits single-player spin-off game,” Miller said.

Sonic Adventure 2 first released on Dreamcast in 2001 and on Nintendo GameCube a few months later. In the game, Shadow is revealed to be a genetically modified creation of Gerald Robotnik, the grandfather of Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. As Shadow begins as a major antagonist in the game, heroes and villains are forced to team up, with Super Sonic and Super Shadow saving Earth together. Shadow seemingly dies at the end but will reappear in subsequent games, including those from 2005 shadow the hedgehog.

It remains to be seen whether sonic the hedgehog 3 will end with Super Sonic and Super Shadow traversing space to save the planet while Crush 40’s “Live and Learn” plays, but it would be pretty awesome to see that sequence play out on the big screen! It’s the kind of moment that’s perfect for a blockbuster movie, and it would be nice to see Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik working alongside Sonic for a change! Of course, it remains to be seen if Carrey will appear in the next episode, and the producers of sonic the hedgehog 2 said the role would not be recast. Hopefully, the movie will have something for Sonic fans to enjoy, no matter what!

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[H/T: Screen Rant]