The 10 richest screenwriters in Hollywood, ranked by net worth

When you watch a movie, you usually pay attention to the story and the actors. But what about the people behind the story? Screenwriters are the storytellers of your favorite movies and who create the movies on paper before they get to a screen. They turn an idea into a complete story that entertains and inspires everyone who watches it.

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The whole point of films is to tell stories that make people feel something, so films wouldn’t even exist without the people who write the scripts. Sometimes the directors help with the writing, but the writers still have the responsibility to flesh out everything in the story. Of Jane goldman To Adam mckay, here are 10 of Hollywood’s richest screenwriters, ranked by their current net worth.

Jane Goldman – Net worth: $ 7 million

Jane Goldman is in tenth place with $ 7 million and sadly the only writer on our list. She started out as a journalist, but started writing screenplays and producing films in the early 2000s. GOBankingRates, “Unless you’re a Hollywood insider, you might not know Jane Goldman’s name, but you certainly know her work. As a writer she is credited on an impressive list of films, such as Kingsman: the golden circle, Kick ass, and several X Men movies including X-Men: First Class. ”


Shane Black – Net worth: $ 16 million

Shane Black is in ninth place with a net worth of $ 16 million. But success is nothing new for him. According to Industrial writing, “His introduction to Hollywood at age 26 with the Deadly weapon the screenplay came with a prize of $ 250,000. Black also scored $ 1.75 million for The last boy scout, and broke records at the time with the sale of $ 4 million of The long kiss Good night. Shane was also behind the gargantuan transport for Iron man 3, co-written with British screenwriter Drew Pearce. This film is ranked 20th among the highest grossing films in the world.

Terry Rossio – Net worth: $ 20 million

Terry Rossio is in eighth place with only about $ 4 million more than Shane Black. It’s unclear exactly what his net worth is today, but it may be around $ 20 million. “According to some online sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $ 20 million. Likewise, he also gets a good sum of money of 750,000 to 3 million dollars per film thanks to his writing credits ”, according to Organic gossip. Terry wrote classics such as Aladdin, Men in black, Godzilla, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, National treasure, and Already seen, which earned him around $ 5 million.

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David Koepp – Net worth: $ 35 million

David Koepp is in seventh place with a net worth of $ 35 million. David has had countless Hollywood hits, which has earned him a spot among the most successful and highest paid screenwriters in the industry. He’s made a name for himself as a screenwriter and director since his debut in industry in 1988 ”, according to Industrial writing. He wrote legendary blockbuster films such as jurassic park, Spider Man, War of the Worlds, Impossible mission, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Panic room, which earned him around $ 3 million.

Adam McKay – Net worth: $ 40 million

Adam McKay is in sixth place with $ 40 million and is responsible for writing some of the most popular comedies of the past decade. He works with Will Ferrell all the time and has written many blockbuster movies that made Will famous. According to Industrial writing, “After the success of Presenter, Nights of Talladega earned McKay a $ 4 million writing fee shared between him and Ferrell. McKay went on to write the screenplays for several other huge hits. This includes: Half brothers, The ant Man, and the Big short. ”

Aaron Sorkin – Net worth: $ 90 million

Aaron Sorkin is in fifth place with a net worth of $ 90 million. Although he wrote the scripts for some movies, he made a lot of money from TV shows. According to Celebrity Net Worth, “Aaron Sorkin is famous for writing many successful films, plays and television series. His probably most famous and critically acclaimed television series is West wing, which aired on NBC from 1999 to 2006. Other Sorkin credits include Silver ball, The press room, Steve Jobs, and Sports evening. ”

Joss Whedon – Net worth: $ 100 million

Joss Whedon is in fourth place with just $ 10 million more than Aaron Sorkin. He made his money writing several DC and Marvel films. According to Industrial writing, “Joss made a name for himself in fantasy television circles with Buffy the vampire slayer, Firefly, and Doll house. Whedon also landed the director job which brought together the various Avengers. This drummer of the world, in combination with Agents of SHIELD, led to an alleged five-year $ 100 million deal with Disney, including Avengers 2 and several television series.

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David E. Kelley – Net worth: $ 250 million

David E. Kelley is in third place with a net worth of $ 250 million. “He’s famous for meeting teams of writers just for story ideas and then jotting down entire solo episodes on his famous yellow legal pad. The “credit” is everything for the screenwriter’s salary. David has racked up hundreds of TV episodes over the years, a rare feat in a writer’s industry. Its creation 2013, Crazypeople, managed to attract Robin Williams to a small screen series for the first time since Mork and Mindy,” according to Industrial writing. David also helped write the hit TV series, Big little lies.

Seth Macfarlane – Net worth: $ 300 million

Seth Macfarlane is in second place with a net worth of $ 300 million and is one of the most famous writers on this list. He is not only a writer, but also an actor and director. According to Industrial writingSeth works primarily in the Comedy genre, but he’s done work across the board. And in 2008, Fox awarded him a 5-year, $ 100 million contract for his trio of hit comedy shows: family guy, american father, and The Cleveland Show. It’s not all for writing, but Seth is still one of the highest paid TV screenwriters of all time. Ted received $ 500 million on a budget of $ 50 million, while Ted 2 also achieved great financial success.

Chuck Lorre – Net worth: $ 600 million

Chuck Lorre sits in the top spot with a whopping net worth of $ 600 million. He earned his net worth by writing blockbuster TV shows. “Chuck Lorre has produced, written and / or directed hit shows such as Grace under fire, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, and Mike and Molly,” according to Celebrity Net Worth. Since his shows have become so popular and aired for years, he has been able to make millions of dollars out of them and is one of the richest screenwriters in Hollywood.

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