The Best Chrome Extensions for Screenwriters

Whether you’re just getting started as a professional screenwriter or racking up credits as a seasoned industry veteran, the right resources can make all the difference. Chrome extensions are a great way to streamline your creative process and bring that cinematic masterpiece to life in your head.

Chrome extensions are software that you can install in your Chrome web browser. They allow you to customize and improve the functionality of your browser, so that you have the scripting tools you need.

There are Chrome extensions to help you through every step of the scripting process, from researching, planning, and writing to formatting and editing. Although they don’t tell the story for you, they can simplify the storytelling process.

Here are five of the best Chrome extensions screenwriters should consider adding to their browsers.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Screenwriting


A writing assistant is an indispensable tool for a screenwriter. ProWritingAid’s Chrome extension has everything you need to produce a neat script wherever you write – you can use it on a wide range of websites, as well as Google Docs.

Spelling and grammatical errors can make your script look unprofessional and lazy. As you write, ProWritingAid grammar checker highlights errors and suggests fixes, so you can spot any problems before your script lands on the producer’s desk.

In addition to correcting simple grammar errors, the tool also offers more in-depth reports that can analyze aspects such as dialogue. Your audience only has one chance to understand the meaning of a sentence.

ProWritingAid can help improve the clarity of your dialogue by pointing out areas where speech is clunky or convoluted, and recommending changes. The dictation report can also ensure that your script runs smoothly by detecting overwritten sentences.

Best for: detect grammatical errors and improve dialogue


If you’re new to screenwriting, one of the best ways to hone your craft is to read scripts. Studying the work of others provides insight into how aspects such as formatting, dialogue, character arcs, and plot development come together in a script.

However, ScreenplaySubs arguably offers something better: the ability to watch your favorite Netflix movies alongside their scripts.

The script automatically adjusts its position based on the timestamp of the movie. This means you can examine how elements of a storyline translate directly to the big screen.

The extension does not support all Netflix movies. Once you have installed ScreenplaySubs, you can view the movie catalog and browse available titles.

Best for: study scenarios in action

Joplin web trimmer

Research is crucial if you want to write a believable and compelling script. It helps your characters and the worlds they inhabit feel tangible. It can also prevent inaccuracies and rewrites further down the line.

Research can be a long process. It’s easy to lose track of resources and feel overwhelmed by the amount of data and documents.

Best Chrome Extensions for Screenwriters_joplin web clipper

Jopling Web Clipper is a useful Chrome extension that can simplify the search process. It lets you capture and save useful web pages as you go.

You can organize clippings into files to help you keep track of your discoveries. The extension gives you the option to clip an entire page, a simplified version of the page, or a screenshot of a specific section.

Best for: collect and organize your research


Having trouble formatting your screenplay? Jotterpad is a text editor that turns your writing into a professionally structured script with the click of a button.

Your work should be written in Markdown or Fountain, a plain-text markup language for screenwriting. You can then choose from a selection of standard script formats to bring your story to life. There’s also an in-app dictionary, thesaurus, and “find and replace” feature to help you edit as you go.

The best Chrome extensions for screenwriters_jotterpad

The Chrome extension lets you work offline and sync your writing with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can export and share your scripts in a range of formats, including Word, PDF, Final Draft, HTML, and rich text.

Best for: format your script according to industry standards

read aloud

It’s easy to overlook narrative holes or unnatural speech patterns when you’ve been watching the same script for weeks. Hearing your work read aloud can provide a different perspective and reveal areas of your writing that need polishing. After all, dialogue is written to be spoken out loud.

Read Aloud is a text-to-speech Chrome extension that can read text from Google Docs, PDFs, Google Play Books, and Amazon Kindle. It’s also compatible with web pages and online publications if you’d rather digest research papers audibly than read them.

You have a variety of voices to choose from, and you can customize the speed and pitch. There’s also a text highlight tool that you can use to point out sections of script you want to rework or ideas you want to revisit.

Best for: hear your script read aloud

Armed with these script writing tools, your script will be ready to hit the big screen in no time.

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