The Eternals Writers’ Next Film Is ‘The Matrix Meets The Virgin Suicides’ [Exclusive]

The “Eternals” writing team, consisting of siblings Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo, provided a wealth of ideas and information about the film. The duo talked about the process of bringing Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman into the film, the characters who were cut from the final draft but could potentially come back down the line, their thoughts on the mid- and post-credits scenes. with two very unexpected cameos, and their take on Kingo’s big moment of choice at the end of the story. In an interview with /Film’s Jacob Hall, Kaz Firpo revealed some fascinating details about their first feature film they plan to direct.

“It’s something that we’re really passionate about. We’ve just started talking about it. It’s called ‘The Motor City Girls’. And for us, it’s a really personal story. It’s ultimately about account of these five teenage stepsisters in a rundown house on the outskirts of Detroit and they have these weird and dangerous powers and are kind of on this mission, this lifelong mission, to find and dismantle the cult in which they were born. And that’s kind of where their powers come from. It’s like a supernatural detective story. These girls are kind of trying to figure out their origin story, where they’re from, and somehow sort of in that way, grappling with the trauma that was passed on to them.

“It’s really a grounded movie. We always describe it a bit like ‘The Matrix’ meets ‘The Virgin Suicides’. There’s a lot going on, but it’s a very unique story. And yes, we really started our journey as filmmakers coming to Hollywood. And we’ve had the great pleasure of writing a lot of really powerful stories that we’re really passionate about. And it’s kind of our return to that process of telling stories from inception to the end, and to be filmmakers like we always wanted to be, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about it.”

Given their work on “Eternals,” it’s perhaps not too surprising that the Firpos’ passion project generally remains in the realm of superheroes. This compelling brainchild looks like precisely the kind of impactful story we just couldn’t get in the main franchise universes, especially with the comparisons to the Wachowskis and Sofia Coppola. Consider us interested in seeing “The Motor City Girls” reach the finish line someday.

“Eternals” is in theaters now.