The International Screenwriters Association releases the top 25 screenwriters to watch in 2021

The International Association of Screenwriters has released its list of the top 25 screenwriters to watch in 2021 – “with the aim of elevating the careers of many diverse voices”, ISA said.

“We couldn’t be happier with our list of the top 25 screenwriters to watch in 2021; this incredibly talented group of writers have clear insights into the world we live in. We look forward to seeing their careers flourish and supporting them the way they do,” said Felicity Wren, Director of Development for ISA.

The screenwriters are Aiko Hilkinger, Beth Hanna, Crystal Lynn Harris, Danielle Nicki, Desa Larkin-Boutte, Jeremy Dehn, Johnny Gilligan, Jordan Trippeer, Kevin Bachar, Kimberly Truong, Larry E. Coleman, Lisa Jay, M. Rowan Meyer, Marshall Gillson, Meg Swertlow, Melody Cooper, Michael V. Lipoma, Michael Graf, Oliver Warren, Paige Elizabeth VanTassell, Rachel Leyco, Rachel Thomas-Medwid, Richard Giarraffa, Sonali Mehta and Xavier Burgin.

Some are represented at agencies such as CAA and Citizen Skull Management, and others seek representation. Several have been discovered through membership in ISAConnect, ISA-sponsored competitions, or the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, which has over 3,000 applications.

“Whether it’s an emerging talent or a seasoned professional, our goal is to provide writers with the tools to elevate their craft, career and relationships while building a strong relationship with the filmmaking community” , ISA said in a statement, pointing to his website for “writing gigs, courses, podcasts, professional industry tips, production resources, and more.”

The ISA development roster, which includes 165 writers, has led to meetings with top agents and producers and major production deals, the ISA said. Supporters include Pen Densham (Backdraft, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) and James V. Hart (Contact, To hang up, Bram Stroke’s Dracula).