The leaky pen! Limerick Writers’ Center celebrates the launch of its latest book

The Limerick Writers’ Center recently celebrated the launch of its 129th book under its community publishing program since 2003 with a new collection of short stories by local Dooradoyle writer Tom McElligott titled The Leaking Pen.

The launch took place at the Dooradoyle Library in the Crescent Mall.

Speaking at the launch of the centre’s director, Dominic Taylor said: ‘The demise of the paper book in favor of the e-book has long been predicted, but publishers continue to publish paper books, booksellers still sell paper books and libraries are always stocked with books. printed paper books. This shows that even though book technology is old, it is still, in many cases, state of the art.

The book was officially launched by creative writing tutor Madge O’Callaghan who praised “this wonderful achievement by Tom McElligott with his wonderful descriptions and turn of phrase in his work”.

She described him as a real writer and not someone who just thinks about writing or talks about writing but actually writes, which may seem obvious but a lot of people will think and talk about writing but don’t care. will ever do.

The launch was attended by over fifty people with many of Tom’s former colleagues from the post office days. The book is available for purchase at O’Mahony’s bookshop in Limerick and online.