These are the Eternals characters cut from early drafts that the writers hope to appear in future films [Exclusive]

At the start of the writing process, the 10 Eternals team was even bigger, adding up to 12 main characters. Kaz Firpo told / Film:

“We were begging at one point, can we have less? Can we have fewer characters please? Because I think even 10 is a handful and a half.”

In the end, they managed to cut the team down to two and ensured “we love the 10 characters who were a part of the movie.” While they were happy with the team’s final tally, they found ways to work with the lost characters, mixing their stories and characteristics with existing Eternals. Ryan Firpo went into detail saying:

“Valkin and Zuras were the characters that appeared in the very first draft when he was 12. And so they got cut because there were just too many people, but their characteristics kind of blended into the other Eternals. . So a lot of Zuras’ a little sullen, his kind of sweetness hidden between the sullen old man who kind of fell back on Gilgamesh. And then Valkin’s healing power fell back on Ajak. And a lot of his views were distributed to the other characters. “

Valkin, just like his fellow “Eternals”, is a more than powerful addition to the team, as Ikaris the comic book character can fly, but he can also teleport. It’s not even his most famous asset – Valkin has been praised for his strength. He even faced Thor in a comedic race and held his own against the Asgardian. As for Zuras, he was the original leader of the Eternals and the one who established their telepathic bond, the Uni-Mind. Ultimately, there wasn’t a place for these two in the final film, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see them later. Ryan Firpo added:

“There are definitely some characters that we entertained in the early stages of the pitch that ultimately weren’t incorporated into a version of the processing that I would like to see in future stories. Future eternal stories, because that’s right. , it’s just 10, but there are really over 100 Eternals that have been in the comics. And so there is a huge choice. And there are a lot of really, really fun and interesting characters that we hope to see. come to life later. “

Marvel’s “Eternals” is now in theaters.