Writers and poets pay homage to legendary writer Dr Memon

HYDERABAD – Writers and poets paid tribute to legendary writer Dr Rasool Memon while celebrating the 65th birthday of the deceased, who passed away in December 2021, at the Sindhi Language Authority here on Saturday evening. Speaking on the occasion, writer Shabnum Gul said that Dr Memon was a great writer and known as a trendsetter in Sindhi literature. “He was a genius writer who also wrote extensively on human psychology.” She gave him credit for discovering new dimensions of thought and criticism in literature. Novelist Kaleem Butt said Memon was a seasoned writer who used surrealism, dark humor, and magical realism in his writing. His latest storybook called Syndrome is based on psychology, he said.

According to Butt, Memon’s novel Kutta (a dog) is a unique phrase in which he describes dogs’ loyalty to humans. “He was a master of storytelling and style and he provided new perspectives to modern stories and novels,” he noted.

Writer Mubarak Lashari said Dr Memon used various new techniques

in his short stories and novels. Memon’s daughter Lubna Soomro recalled her father telling her stories as a child.

“He was a doctor professionally and I don’t know and I was wondering when he had time for his writing,” she said.

She believed that her father’s deep interest in literature had made her find the time to contribute to literary works. Son-in-law Abdul Nabi Soomro said that Memon made a huge contribution to Sindhi literature. Dr Rahim Sayal, poet Ali Akash and others also expressed their point of view.