Writers confirm every Marvel Studios draft had Kraven the Hunter at some point

Turns out Kraven the Hunter has been a part of every Spider Man movie produced by Marvel Studios. That is, of course, until he didn’t. Spidey writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers mentioned in a recent post-No coming home press stop, they’ve included the beloved Marvel villain in at least one draft for each of the Spider Man movies they wrote for Marvel. Each time, however, the script was changed to the point of dismissing Kraven.

“I don’t think there’s been a draft of any of the Spider-Man movies where Kraven the Hunter [wasn’t the villain]”McKenna said in a conversation with packaging.

Sommers added, “Kraven is cool, he’s got the fur and the stuff.”

As for why they never got Kraven into a movie, neither writer really explained. They opted for the multiversal plot to No coming home, however, at the insistence of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

“Before the whole idea of ​​this movie, there were other ideas. Because we don’t have any ideas, we all sat down at the table once the ink dried with the Sony/ Marvel, and all we had was, we finished the movie, the last movie with Peter’s identity spoiled by Mysterio, and that was our starting point because at least we could hold on to it.” added McKenna.

He concluded, “OK, we know we’re dealing with the fallout of this, what would happen? It took us down different story roads that weren’t that story. And then, I think, I don’t don’t know if it was Kevin’s idea, the idea of ​​doing something with the other villains and teasing at the very end, almost in a tag, was thrown around.”

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is now in theaters.

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